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Compass Candles & Homeware Ltd

Apothecary Candles

Apothecary Candles

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Introducing the Apothecary Candles collection by Compass Candles, a luxurious new line of aromatic delights designed to elevate your ambiance. Encased in elegant amber jars with sleek black lids, each 200g candle is crafted from natural soy wax, offering a cleaner and longer-lasting burn. This collection features our signature wooden wicks, known for their soothing crackle and even burn, delivering up to 40 hours of aromatic bliss. Choose from six captivating scents: the rich and mysterious Amber Noir, the tangy and sweet Black Plum & Rhubarb, the sophisticated Black Raspberry & Peppercorn, the warm and earthy Dark Honey & Tobacco, the exotic and fresh Himalayan Cedar & Jasmine, and the invigorating Rock Salt & Driftwood. Each scent is meticulously blended to create an enchanting atmosphere, making the Apothecary Candles the perfect addition to any home.

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