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We get many enquiries from customers asking whether they can send us bottles for us to either cut or cut and turn into Bottle Candles, the answer is always YES!
We can do this, not a problem, and we are regularly asked 'how much would it be if I sent you xxxxxx to cut and fill?' etc. We have created a price guide as the price can vary from bottle to bottle, with odd shaped bottles costing slightly more than standard round ones (due to the time and effort it takes to cut and finish them). But as a guide for pricing, please see below:

Bottle Type


Cut & Filled

70cl Round Bottle 



70cl Square/Odd Shape Bottle






Bottles smaller or larger than 70cl (which is the standard size for most gins/rums etc) will vary in price to be filled. The cost for just having bottles cut is always the same.
Prices are always negotiable when it comes to larger quantities of bottles being cut and filled, so please ask and we will do what we can to help.
How about this - if you wish to send us bottles in the post and would like a bottle back as a Bottle Candle, we can do that too!
For every usable bottle you send us, we will knock £5 off the cost of a Bottle Candle you would like back - e.g. if you send us 6 bottles and would like 1 back as a Bottle Candle - it will cost you £0.
** Please note - we do not accept all bottles in the exchange, please check with us prior to sending bottles to us **
Please get in touch prior to sending us bottles as there are a couple that we cannot cut (due to the type of glass), but we are confident with cutting 99% of bottles! We can then create an invoice for you, with a link to pay (if anything is payable) and then feel free to send the bottles to us at the below address.
If you wish to send us bottle to be turned into a candle, please purchase either a Cut & Filled Bottle Candle or a Cut Bottle first, then package them as securely as possible and post them to the below address:
Compass Candles
Unit A1 North Road, Marchwood Industrial Park, Marchwood, Southampton, SO40 4BL
Within the parcel please include your ORDER NUMBER. Bottles that are sent to us, without having an order number associated, will not be completed.
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