About Us

 Started in 2016, Sam set out to create a candle company, that was different to the rest. Compass Candles prides itself on creating candles using natural ingredients such as soy wax and natural cedar wooden wicks, whilst keeping the candles as affordable to everyone as possible.

Sam started by making candles in simple glass jars for family, friends and work colleagues. Some turned out better than others and after many ‘trial and error’ attempts, Sam was able to perfect the art of melting the wax, balancing the scent and creating the all important scent-throw.

The hobby quickly evolved into a business with requests coming in thick and fast from friends and family to create more scents and use different vessels for the wax to be poured into. We believe that our 280g Classic Candles can compete against the best in the business, our scents smell exactly like the label says, with Black Plum & Rhubarb still being a firm favourite all year round. There is nothing that frustrates us more than picking up a candle and it not smelling anything like the label suggests!

 Another reason why our candles are so popular is that they don’t ‘tunnel’, meaning that almost all of the wax will be melted during burning, with the melt pool reaching the edge of the glass throughout the entire lifespan of your Compass Candle, meaning as little waste as possible.

Because we use Soy wax, which has a lower melting point than standard wax, it means that you can easily clean your container or bottle once it has finished and you can then use it as a pen holder, vase or even get it refilled by us!

We could not believe how popular our Bottle Candles were when we released them in 2017, you guys love them and they are easily our favourite product to produce. We love that we get to re-use bottles that may have ordinarily been thrown away and not even recycled! Customers often ask where we get our bottles from, but it’s not a secret, we get them from friends, family, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, wedding venues and sometimes we are even lucky enough to have drank the contents ourselves, prior to turning them into candles.

On the subject of the Bottle Candles, a lot of customers often ask how we manage to get such a professional finish on them, with no sharp edges or chips. Well, we are afraid that IS a secret, although we do get them cut professionally by ‘Paul The Glass Man’, if we were to tell you how we did it we would no longer be the best bottle cutters in Candle Land! Paul is a magician with glass, ‘touch wood’ he is still yet to smash, crack or break a bottle and trust us, we have given him 1000’s over the last couple of years.

We are only a small company and we often find ourselves wondering if we can cope with the work we do. Sam worked full time in the Emergency Services alongside Compass Candles, up until June 2021 when he took on Compass Candles as his full time job!. With that in mind, it gives us a huge buzz when companies get in touch with us to create products for them. We have loved working with every single company so far, these include Silent Pool, Cuckoo Gin, York Gin, Strong Island, Hambledon Vineyard, Cottonworth Vineyard, Quob Park Vineyard, White Tail Gin, 50/Fifty Gin, Orange Juice For Dinner, Angela Chick Illustrations, Love Southsea, Ashling Park, Marco Harris, Gents @27, The Barbership, Stones Wines, Collagin and many more.

Hopefully that has given you an insight into Compass Candles and the work we do, please feel free to get in touch if you wish to discuss any projects with us, would like to work with us or would just like to tell us how awesome you think we are! Here’s to an amazing 2023!!

 Sam – Compass Candles.